Best VR Games of 2021

VR games are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds over the last few years. From roguelikes to action-packed RPGs, VR technology is bringing storytelling to an entirely new level. Luckily, the future looks bright with a lot of exciting titles in the pipeline, including the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 VR remake. Keep reading for a quick list of the best VR games of 2021.


The release of new virtual reality headsets and the continued development of VR gaming systems have made it possible for more people to enjoy these experiences. The price of headsets is dropping, and the technology itself is becoming more affordable. As a result, the games themselves are getting better, and 2021 was a good year for VR. Here are our top picks for the best games released in VR this year.

The Elder Scrolls series has been churning out the most anticipated games for over two decades. Their recent game, Skyrim VR, is no exception. The game has great mechanics and immersive gameplay, as well as a massive open world map that you can explore using mods. For VR fans, Skyrim is a game worth checking out. It is one of the best VR games for 2021, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it.

The Resident Evil VR game is the crown jewel of the VR games for 2021. This game, developed by developer Leon S. Kennedy, has been a critically acclaimed hit. Its first-person perspective gives players more agency in their actions, which allows for intense horror scenes. While many other VR games are ported versions of older games, this one is specifically designed for VR. A great feature of this game is that it can be played on a PC or PS4 without any external hardware.

Pistol Whip

This VR shooter is a mix of rhythm and action games. The gameplay is reminiscent of classic action movies, and the art style is striking with exotic colors and stylized shapes. The game features two different campaign modes, one with arcade-style scenes and the other with story-driven cinematic campaigns. As you shoot enemies, you can earn points and unlock new styles to customize your character.

In addition to new enemies, the new version of Pistol Whip has different game modes. You can play in solo or with a friend, and you can challenge yourself by choosing from a variety of difficulty settings. You can play as a solo or with a team of up to four players. There are also five different songs, and the game includes a story mode with new music.

The game is free to play on Steam and the Oculus store. It works with both stand-alone Oculus Quest and tethered headsets. The stand-alone version has downgraded visuals. Besides the VR modes, players can also play Pistol Whip offline. In multiplayer mode, the game generates leaderboards, allowing you to compete with your friends for the highest score.

Beat Saber

If you’re a fan of rhythm games, Beat Saber is definitely worth checking out. Like Guitar Hero, it requires players to cut through colored cubes in time with the music. The music is played in the background, and the game features futuristic colors. Each target glows in the dark when hit, so you’ll need to get a good pair of headphones to enjoy the soundtrack.

Another genre that has found success with VR is music. Pistol Whip, Beat Saber, and other music/rhythm games are among the most popular. Another fun VR music/rhythm game is Ragnarock, where you must drum to inspire rowers on a Viking ship. This game has a stellar soundtrack, and it’s even an exercise when played on the harder difficulties.

Another game that utilizes VR is the famous platforming game Tetris. This VR version features beautiful visual effects, background music, and sound effects. The game’s 30-plus levels feature ten unique modes and features. Players can also enjoy a unique gameplay experience, with the ability to pass the controller around to friends. The game is also suitable for older players and can be played on VR headsets.

Resident Evil 4 VR remake

The new Resident Evil 4 VR remake has already garnered positive reviews. As the first major overhaul of the game in years, the emphasis here is on comfort and mobility. In addition to redefining the controls, players can also reassign movement to either the left or right controller. As with the original game, Resident Evil 4 isn’t a difficult game to pick up, but the new VR remake is sure to give the old favorite a refreshing new look.

The Resident Evil 4 VR remake removes all inappropriate moments, including Ashley Graham’s sexualization. Ashley Graham is the college-aged daughter of the U.S. president, who is abducted by an unknown cult. Leon S. Kennedy must rescue her, and Ashley Graham serves as a compelling ally and defenseless burden. The original Resident Evil 4 sexualized Ashley through dialogue, which was rewritten for the VR remake.

While the original RE4 game was a huge hit, it’s worth noting that this upcoming remake has been delayed. While it is possible to expect the game to launch sometime in 2019, this game is unlikely to be the first AAA VR game. However, the game’s popularity could make it the perfect opportunity to sell VR to skeptics. So what do you think? Keep reading for more information! And be prepared for the Resident Evil 4 VR remake!

Blade & Sorcery

The promise of Blade & Sorcery is its realistic movement. As you walk left, you see the action unfold in the virtual world. The game follows you as you move your hand. If you turn left, you walk with your character. This is not possible with other games, which struggle to nail simple locomotion. Blade & Sorcery delivers on its promise and more. Let’s look at how it stacks up against its competitors.

Blade & Sorcery is one of the most impressive VR games currently available. This game, which is nearing its third year of early access, is one of the few games that capture the essence of melee combat in a VR setting. Combat mechanics are varied and difficult, with unique combat modes including zip line combat, barrel combat, kicks, slices, and fireballs. The game is also available as a full product, as well as a freeware version for PC.

Blade & Sorcery has also risen to the top of the PC VR chart, and it will soon arrive on Oculus Quest 2 headsets. Nomad, the standalone version of the PC VR experience, will be $20 on November 4th. The game is a “sandbox brawler” with immersive swordplay and deep, realistic combat. It also supports multiplayer, which can be a boon for gamers who love multiplayer and exploration.
Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth has already made its mark on the VR scene, as the next great action game. The game follows a former special forces operative who explores the criminal elite of London. Its strong sense of ebb and flow will make this game one of the best VR shooters around. If you’ve been waiting for a VR shooter, this is it. You’ll find the virtual characters are extremely well rendered, and the game is a perfect match for your PlayStation VR system.

The game’s action set pieces are also fun. While most of them are highly scripted and boring, some moments are memorable, such as sneaking into a modern art museum. Players can do so by using air vents to make their way up the building. Blood & Truth also gives players a sense of agency, as you can twirl your pistol, dodge enemy fire, and grab grenades to kill hundreds of baddies. It’s easy to look cool while destroying everything in your path.
While Blood & Truth is a great VR game, its storyline is not a particularly memorable one. The protagonist, Ryan Marks, is a soldier and tries to protect his family from danger. The game’s family, which includes his annoying brother, doesn’t make the game any easier to play. Blood & Truth also sets a high bar for the narrative exposition in VR games.


If you’re looking for a new VR horror game, then you’ve probably heard of Cosmodread. This game, which was released in March 2021, takes place on a disintegrating spaceship, and it features a roguelike mechanic. In Cosmodread, you must survive by gathering resources to escape a tense environment. You’ll want to be careful though; this game can be a little scary.

The game features a roguelike gameplay style, similar to that of Dead Space. You’ll be on a dying spaceship while hiding from otherworldly creatures. This game is also highly atmospheric, with intensely dark levels, lightning conditions, and a spooky soundtrack. Because of its eerie aesthetic, this game should not be played during the night. If you have a VR headset, make sure to get this game!

While Cosmodread may not be the best VR game, its sci-fi setting is sure to be terrifying for space roguelite fans. It features a series of sci-fi references, like the digital clickity-clack of monitors and the sheer terror of Dead Space. The game will keep you on your toes until you find a way out, but there are some aspects that might be a little too gory for some players.

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