How to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go

If you’re stuck wondering how to catch a Ditto, there’s no need to worry. There are many different ways to catch this Pokémon. Some methods are more effective than others. One option is to join a Pokemon Go Discord group and get updates on the latest Pokemon.


One of the ways to catch Ditto is to use lures and incense. These methods can work well for Ditto, but you must be familiar with the exact location of the Pokemon you’re aiming to catch. When you are ready to catch Ditto, light the incense or lure and go after the Pokemon on your list. If you’re lucky, the Ditto may come to you as you light the lure.

First, keep an eye on the radar around the area where your target Pokemon is hiding. When setting up your incense or lures, it’s important to pay attention to nearby radar. This will help you know where to set them up. Once you’ve set up the right lures and incense, you’ll be sure to attract Ditto to your catches.

Incense isn’t quite as useful as it used to be, but it’s still a useful technique to help you catch Ditto. It attracts random Pokemon, and it can even spawn as a Ditto. However, it’s still not guaranteed that you’ll catch a shiny Ditto.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a Ditto using incense or lures. You can then release the lures at the closest Poke stop. Another popular method is simply waiting for the Pokemon to come to you. This method may take longer, but it’s worth it in the long run.


The best way to catch a Ditto Berry is to know its location. Ditto is usually found in the same areas where other Pokemon spawn. You can also lure it by using incense or lures. If you can manage to catch Ditto, you can add it to your Pokedex.

Ditto is not an easy Pokemon to catch, as its CP is lower than that of other Pokemon. However, you can try using ultra balls or berries to capture it. This method will increase the likelihood of successfully capturing a Ditto, though it is still not as effective as Ultra Ball.

A Ditto Berry is not as easy as you might think. It has multiple disguises, making it harder for you to track its exact location. You need to carry three Ditto disguises at all times. It’s important to keep these in mind, as Ditto can appear in many different places. To catch a Ditto, you must first catch a Pokemon. Then, you must place it in a Pokeball. After catching it, you should watch the animation, as this is different from traditional Pokemon captures.

Ditto can transform into eleven different Pokemon. While the first few aren’t much of a bonus, they are very useful if you want to catch Mew. It is also useful for completing Pokedex tasks because it can breed with any Pokemon that can breed with it.

Ultra Ball

The best way to catch a Ditto is to keep an eye on your near list of targets. Then, when you see Ditto in your range, you can lure it with an incense or lure. Ditto will come to you if it is interested in what you’re doing or if it is attracted to a smell.

You can also use an Ultra Ball to catch a Ditto. Ditto is more difficult to catch than the Pokemon it imitates, but it is not impossible. Using the Ultra Ball to catch a Ditto will make it considerably weaker and easier to catch. It also can’t be attacked with a hard-hitting move. However, you can use a weak Pokemon to attack it if it’s at half health.

Another way to catch a Ditto is to look for grassy areas. Ditto is a grass-type Pokemon, which makes grassy areas the best place to look for it. In addition to grassy areas, you can also try catching one of its doppelgangers.

Ditto is the key Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon is hard to catch, and requires a lot of patience. It is important to understand that it can disguise itself in many ways. If you’re not careful, you could miss the chance of catching a Ditto.


There are several different ways to catch a Ditto in the wild. These include searching for the Pokemon in the wild, as well as visiting Gyms and using lure and incense. However, one problem with the Ditto is that it has poor HP. This makes it a poor choice for fighting in gyms. However, if you can find a Ditto with enough HP, you should have no problem catching it.

One of the best methods to catch a Ditto in the wild is by searching for it in a spawn area. These areas are not marked, but other players can share their locations with you. When you do find one, it will appear as a different Pokemon. After you’ve captured it, you can upgrade it with Candy and take it into a Gym.

The best way to catch a Ditto in a gym is to defeat teams that have low Motivation. This will reduce their motivation significantly. In return, you’ll be rewarded with more XP. However, this method is only effective against gyms with weakened defenders.

A Ditto is one of the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go, as it disguises itself as other Pokemon. It can also become an ally in battle, as it can copy moves from other Pokemon and also keep its own CP and stats.


To catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go, you need to find a Pokemon Den. The Pokemon Den will have beams of light which attract Ditto. Once you have found the den, you can invite other players to join you in a raid. This way, they can farm their IVs, while you can get 5* Pokemon. Once you have collected enough IVs, you can fight Ditto and defeat him.

Ditto is weak in combat but is an excellent raid Pokemon because it can transform into other Pokemon. By doing this, you can copy the attacks, type, and base stats of the Pokemon you are fighting. However, it cannot copy the health points of other Pokemon. If you have more than one Ditto in your raid, you can make them switch forms to make your team look stronger.

Another way to catch a Ditto is to use incense and lures. You can place these items in your area to attract Ditto to your party. If you’re lucky, it won’t stay in one spot long, so you can use these methods to catch Ditto in any area.

Ditto’s den is located in The Stony Wilderness. When you find a purple beam in the Den, it will spawn. You can also use an arrow to find it. This is the easiest way to catch a Ditto. The other way is to use a repeat ball. This will increase your catch chance by 3.5. Repeat balls can be purchased for 1,000$ from Wyndon’s Pokemon Center.

Transform move

The Ditto is one of the most difficult Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go. Unlike other Pokemon, it can disguise itself and hide in plain sight. Once it is caught, it will show its true form. Although it only takes one form at a time, the transform move can help you catch this Pokemon easily.

It is possible to catch a Ditto using its transform move, but you’ll need to do it before the April Fool’s Day event ends. In order to do so, you must log into the game before April 1st. This way, you’ll have time to catch at least three Dittos with transform move and get the special variant.

While Ditto does not have many types of moves, it is able to use its Transform move to catch many Pokemon. The move will allow you to steal their moves and make them unable to attack you. This move will help you if you’re up against a Pokemon that has the same type.

Once you catch a Ditto with its transform move, it will automatically use its Transform ability during a gym battle. When it does, it will copy the opponent that it faces, unless it’s another Ditto. It will remain in this transformed form throughout the gym battle. You can then swap it out of its transformed state to obtain its candy.

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