How to Change App Icons on iOS 14

If you want to change app icons on iOS 14, you can do so using the Shortcuts and Aesthetic Kit options. These features let you choose the icons of apps from the Home screen. There are also options to add a shortcut to the shortcuts. Changing the app icon can change the look and feel of your phone and make it easier to navigate.


Shortcuts in iOS 14 let you change the icons of apps from the Home screen. There are many options available to customize your shortcuts. You can also choose from one of the many available photo sources online. Once you find the right icon, save it to Photos. Next, you can customize the shortcut name. Choose the appropriate name, and then add the new shortcut to the Home screen.

Shortcuts are also a great way to remove apps from your home screen. You can also use them to replace other apps. However, they won’t have notification badges and quick actions. They won’t replace the actual app, but they’ll be present on the home screen.

You can also choose a custom icon and rename the shortcuts. Tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and select “Change Shortcut Name.” The new icon will replace the old one. You can then hide the old icon later. Changing the icon name of the shortcut is a great way to give your iOS device a unique and memorable appearance.

The iOS 14 update adds the ability to customize your home screen. You can use third-party widgets and customize the icons of your apps. You can also customize your shortcuts with a custom wallpaper or picture from your camera roll. Regardless of what you choose, customizing your home screen is an easy process and will enhance your phone’s aesthetics.

There are three ways to customize the app icons in iOS 14. One is to use the Shortcuts app. While this process is a little tedious, it is worth the effort depending on your level of customization. The new shortcuts feature is also available in iOS 15.


To change an app icon, you can do so within the app itself. Many apps offer this option within the settings of the app. If you don’t see the option in the app, head to the App Library. From here, you can change the icon of an app and it will be visible on the home screen.

Select the desired icon set and choose a color scheme. You can also add a photo background. When changing the theme, make sure the color scheme is consistent throughout the icon set. If you have a lot of icons, use the color picker in the Actionbar. Selecting a color will open up a palette for selecting different color combinations.

In addition to changing the icon, you can change the shortcut. To do this, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. From here, you can rename the shortcut to whatever you like. In addition, you can select a custom icon for the shortcut. Once the new icon has been selected, it will replace the old icon. You can also hide the old icon if you’d like.

Customizing your home screen with custom icons is becoming popular among iPhone users. In iOS 14, you can change the app icons on your iPhone to make them look unique to your tastes. The Shortcuts app in the home screen is a convenient tool for this, as it lets you add shortcuts to your home screen. Moreover, it lets you select the app icons you want to use.


If you want to customize your iOS devices, you can use the Brass app. This application offers you the option to customize widgets, home screens, and app icons. Moreover, it is very easy to use. To use Brass, you should first update your iOS device to iOS 14. To do this, open Settings > General > Software Update.

After downloading Brass, you can choose from a variety of icon styles and themes. The icon styles and animations are customizable, and the app also lets you change background colors and font styles. Moreover, you can also add widgets and wallpapers with the app. If you want to use the paid features, you can purchase a subscription to the app.

Alternatively, you can also download an icon set and save it to the Photos or Files app. In this case, you will have a collection of app icons that are aesthetically pleasing and match the new iOS 14 design. You can also find more options online, on Pinterest and Etsy. Many of these icon sets cost less than five dollars.

Another great way to customize the look of iOS apps is by installing Icon Themes. These custom icons will replace your default icons, and you can use them to express your style. The new iOS 14 update has many new features for customizing the look of apps. You can use these themes to make your phone look completely unique and personalized.

Aesthetic Kit

If you are looking for a way to customize the icons of your iPhone and iPad, Aesthetic Kit is your answer. It offers thousands of icon styles and a customizable library of widgets. You can change the font and style of the icons to suit your personal tastes. You can also change the background color.

Aesthetic Kit also offers a selection of widgets and themes. It allows you to create your own iPhone themes and share them with others. In addition, you can also customize your keyboard to reflect your unique style. This application is a great way to customize your iPhone without spending a dime.

The new iOS 14 update introduces widgets to the iPhone home screen. This new feature makes it easier for you to manage and customize your home screen. You can also customize app icons by applying a common theme. This customization is possible through the Shortcuts app. If you don’t know how to do it, follow the steps below.

Once you’ve chosen the icons you want to change, you can edit them in your App Library. You can edit the names, add emojis, and change the icons. Once you’ve finished, you can remove the original icons from your home screen. All you need to do is press and hold the app icon for two seconds before moving it to your App Library.

In addition to customizing app icons, ScreenKit also provides iOS 14 widgets and themes. This is an extremely helpful application if you want to beautify your home screen. This app is developed by Twinstar Creatives and has over 5000 icon styles to choose from. It also offers fifty aesthetic home screen themes to choose from.


If you are looking to change the icons on your widgets, iOS 14 offers many customization options. By adding and removing widgets, you can add or remove the apps and features you want displayed on your widgets. The Widgets menu is located on the Home Screen. To add or remove a widget, simply drag it onto the Home Screen.

If you want to create a more individualized look for your iOS 14 home screen, you can download icon sets and save them to your device’s Photos or Files app. You can also search Pinterest and Etsy for more icon sets. The icons you download will vary in style, font, and background color.

You can also use a custom widget app to design your own widgets. You can either download Widgetsmith or Color Widgets or download a free app. This way, you can create your own custom widgets and use them on your iPhone. This will allow you to change the icons on your widgets without having to completely re-install the app.

The color selection menu will have a color picker and a slider. You can choose between a gradient based on your wallpaper or a color with more contrast. You can also use the photos icon to select a different wallpaper for your widgets. In addition, your text font doesn’t change, but the color you select will affect all widgets. You can also choose to make widgets specific to installed apps.

In iOS 14, you can change app icons in widgets by adding them to the home screen. The process is simple and straightforward. First, select the apps you want to add to your home screen. Next, you need to choose an icon for each one.

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