How to Create a Spotify Wrapped Presentation

Creating a Spotify wrapped 2021 presentation is a great way to introduce your business to the public. However, it can be a bit intimidating at first. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. You’ll want to think about the type of songs you want to include, the genres you’re interested in, and the types of artists and podcasts you’ll be featuring.


Earlier this year, Spotify revealed a new feature called Wrapped 2021. It is a yearly roundup that presents top songs, artists, and genres. It shows users’ listening habits through an interactive slideshow. Essentially, it’s like Cameo for Spotify. It’s available both to paid and non-paying users.

The app will analyze your listening habits throughout the year, giving you an insight into your musical tastes. This includes data on the top five most played artists and the top songs and genres. You’ll also get a personalized “story” based on your musical preferences.

You can view the “Story” on the Home page. It also has options for sharing on social media, such as Twitter. You can even save it as a picture. If you’re a premium user, you’ll get a Pioneer badge if you listen to a song before it reaches 50,000 streams. You’ll also be able to see the best songs, artists, and podcasts of the year.

In addition to the “Story,” there’s also an interactive game. It’s a variation of the “Two Truths and a Lie” game, which features two separate “truths” and a “lie.” You’ll be able to choose which one you want to see and the app will create a personalized version of the game for you.

Another new feature is the Wrapped 2021 Playlist. It’s a collection of over 100 songs, courtesy of your favorite artists. It includes the opening credits theme song, a love song, and other whimsical plot scenes. These tracks will also be used as the BGM for movie layouts. The playlist will have a few other tracks as well, including classic movie scenes.

For more information, you can visit the Wrapped 2021 website. It’s also available through the Spotify app.


During the first week of December, Spotify will release their annual feature, called ‘Wrapped 2021′. This interactive slideshow will feature top music lists, top artists, and top genres. The content is based on music users listen to during the year. The company partnered with over 170 artists and creators.

The information presented includes a number of stats, including the top five songs of the year, the most played song of the year, and the most popular podcasts of the year. Additionally, Spotify will show you the top five music moods of the year.

The 2021 Wrapped slideshow is fun and informative, as it reveals a lot about your listening habits. For example, it shows you the top five genres you’re most likely to listen to, as well as the top five artists. It also shows you the number of times you listened to a particular artist, and the number of minutes you listened to podcasts.

The infographic is an especially cool feature of the 2021 Wrapped slideshow. It shows you the top five songs of the year, the top five artists, and the top five genres. You can then share the card with friends, as a text message or on social media. It can also be re-watched if you like. The information is based on music listened between January and October of this year.

In addition to the Wrapped slideshow, Spotify will release a quiz that challenges you to figure out which music genres are your favorites. The quiz features a two truths and a lie game, as well as a fun music fact. The’smart’ feature of the quiz is that it personalised.


Earlier this year, Spotify released their new year-in-review feature called Wrapped. The presentation summarizes user’s listening habits and includes data about the top songs and artists that they’ve listened to. It can be found in the company’s mobile app.

The results are presented in a Powerpoint-like slideshow. Users can scroll through different categories to discover the most popular tracks from a particular artist or genre. In addition to the top songs of the year, users will find statistics on the total amount of minutes that they’ve listened to, the number of times that a track has been listened to, and the number of hours that they’ve listened to that artist.

It’s interesting to compare your listening habits with others. For example, a Twitter user shared screenshots of “Audio Day,” a Spotify-sponsored global music event featuring a playlist of modern rock and pop tunes.

The roundup also features a slideshow of video clips, which shows information about the most popular vocalists and music scenes from the past year. It is a fun way to remember what kind of music you’ve listened to, or just to get a glimpse of what you might have missed.

The most popular artists and albums for the year were Bad Bunny with his album “Drivers License,” Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License,” and “Pastel Goth Hardcore Intense” by Tegan and Sara. It was also the year that a Spotify-exclusive podcast took the lead in terms of popularity.

Spotify Wrapped is a fun and informative marketing campaign that lets users share their favorite songs and artists with friends. The presentation is available in the Spotify mobile app and website. You can even post it on social media to let others know what you’ve been listening to throughout the year.


Throughout the year, you’ve been listening to music and podcasts. Now, you can relive your favorite songs and podcasts with Spotify’s new Wrapped feature. Powered by user data, the service compiles your top tunes and podcasts into a colorful slideshow. With features like “Top Songs of 2021” and “Best Episodes of 2021,” this year’s report will highlight the most popular artists and podcasts of the year.

In addition to Wrapped’s usual features, users will be able to compare Wrapped to other stories in the service. Featuring top artists and podcasts, each list also includes editorially curated playlists. These playlists can be viewed in the Spotify app. They’ll appear alongside other playlists in your library.

The service will also include a new playlist, The Best of 2021, which features data-driven playlists, as well as inspiring creators. These playlists are a mix of new and existing favorites, and they’ll help you discover the best new artists of the year.

In addition to this, you’ll also see Spotify’s new feature, “Playing Cards,” which will allow you to generate playlists based on the music you’ve listened to. You can play these tracks by using the web player or the mobile app. You can share these cards on social media and with TikTok. You can also send tweets to thank the creators for their work.

You can find more information about Spotify Wrapped by visiting its website. You’ll see a series of videos with a few of the artists and creators featured in the Wrapped reports. You’ll learn about their favorite genres and get an inside look at the music they’re most passionate about.

The Wrapped experience is created specifically for listeners. The infographic shows you how much you’ve been listening to each artist, song, and podcast. You can even brag about your taste in music.

How to view your presentation

Whether you are watching Spotify wrapped 2021 in the app or on the website, you are in for a treat. The infographic is packed with fun information about your music taste and how you listened in the past year. The information includes your favourite genres, most played artists, and more.

The wrapped story is broken into 13 parts. The first part gives you a quick rundown of the top songs and artists of the year. The second part shows the most streamed artists. The third part is about how you listened to podcasts. The fourth and fifth parts are about the most popular music on Spotify. You will also learn your listening personality based on your Myers-Briggs test.

The wrapped story will also give you a link to a playlist of the top songs. You can save individual slides to your camera roll or share them on social media. You can also use the sharing button at the bottom of each slide. If you want to share your own story, you can copy and paste the link.

The wrapped story is only available for a short period of time around the end of the year. After January, the stories will stop. You can access the wrapped story by tapping “See how you listened in 2021” in the app. You can then follow the guide to watch the presentation as many times as you like.

You can also create a beautiful card by selecting “Share this card” from the popup menu. You can then send the card to your friends via text or on social media. You can also save the card as a picture on your camera roll.

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