How to Find the Best Photo Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for an online photo storage solution, you have many options. You can use Amazon Prime Photos, Google Photos, and SmugMug. You can also opt for an unlimited storage plan. This will cost you $7 per month, $70 per year, or $130 for a two-year plan.


SmugMug is a one-stop photo shop for photographers. In addition to providing online photo storage, it offers a variety of photo products including paper prints and canvas. Its prices are competitive with other quality photo print shops. The company also sells wall art and photo books.

While it doesn’t offer full editing capabilities, SmugMug allows users to add titles and captions. Watermarks can also be added. You can also apply color effects to your photos. These effects are essentially filters that adjust the photo’s appearance. You should be aware, though, that applying these edits will overwrite your original file.

While SmugMug’s basic plan allows users to upload unlimited photographs for free, the Advanced and Pro plans allow you to set your own price list for different galleries. This feature is useful for wedding photographers, for example, who want to sell the photos they took at their weddings. Moreover, SmugMug’s mobile applications let you view and edit photos on the go.

SmugMug also lets you upload images and folders. You can also upload RAW files. You can upload them individually or in bulk. You can also import photos from online photo-hosting services, or you can import them from your phone or tablet. SmugMug also has a built-in file manager to make basic edits to your photos.

SmugMug offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try out the service before paying. All you need to do is sign up with your email address and password. After that, you can choose a gallery title, give it a password, and choose whether or not to make the gallery public.

Amazon Prime Photos

If you want to store your photos on Amazon, you should first create an account on the service. Once you have an account, you can easily back up your photos and organize them in albums. You can also sort them by year, things, or people. You can also turn on an Auto-Save feature, which allows Amazon to automatically upload new images into your library.

Amazon Photos is free to use and can be accessed from the main Amazon website or through its mobile app. The interface is easy to navigate and uploads pictures quickly. You can even drag and drop pictures and browse through your device’s photo library. However, you must be a Prime member to upload photos.

Amazon Prime Photos is an excellent option for those who want unlimited photo storage. The photos you upload are stored at full resolution, without being compressed. The service is also very secure. You can password protect your photos to prevent them from being accessed by other people. You can also hide or un-share images to protect your privacy.

Amazon Photos also makes it easy to share your photos with friends and family. The service makes it easy to share albums via Facebook, text messages, or Facebook Messenger. It also offers a family vault, which acts as a shared folder for your photos. You can share albums with up to five family members. You can also sort them by date, location, and even people.

Using Amazon Prime Photos is free, and as long as you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can store your photos on the cloud for free. It’s a great alternative to expensive hard drive storage. Amazon Prime photos comes with an unlimited usage policy and a non-commercial usage policy. This is a great option for many photographers.


pCloud photo storage is a great way to safely store your photos online, without taking up your hard drive space. It backs up your online data regularly and allows you to share backed up files with anyone. It also offers users 500MB of free storage. You can also set up automatic synchronization and mirroring of backed up files.

pCloud is one of the leading cloud storage services available today. It offers lifetime plans, compression tools, and Plugins for Adobe Lightroom. However, it doesn’t have many collaborative features. For those who do a lot of photo editing or are a graphic designer, Adobe Creative Cloud is a better choice. It offers security excellence and is easy to use.

Other pros of pCloud photo storage include its security features, and the fact that it uses “military grade” encryption to protect your photos from prying eyes. This encryption works by moving files from your computer to a folder that is encrypted. Additionally, pCloud has a strict privacy policy that prevents any unauthorized access to your private information. This makes it one of the most secure cloud photo storage services.

pCloud is compatible with many devices, including Android and Apple devices. Its free plan includes 10 GB of storage, and you can sign up for a paid plan if you need more space. Each plan includes unlimited file size uploads, SSL security, and file versioning. It also supports link sharing and has free mobile and desktop apps.

pCloud also supports AirPrint, so you can print files right from the cloud. All you need to do is touch a file and select “Share” or “Print.” As long as your printer supports AirPrint, you can print your photos and videos.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud-based service that allows users to manage their photos. Currently, Google Photos offers 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB plans. Other cloud services include iDrive, which offers free storage up to 10GB. Amazon Photos, FlickrPro, and pCloud also offer unlimited photo storage. Adobe Creative Cloud Photography is another great option if you want high-grade photo storage and industry-standard photo editing tools.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Google Photos is that you have to sign in to access your photos. Uploading photos and videos can be slow, especially if you’re on a phone. It’s also necessary to have access to WiFi or mobile data to upload images. The web version of Google Photos allows users to view and share images, but the app is better for exploring your memories and creating movies.

Another reason to choose Google Photos is the ability to upload larger photos. However, uploads may not count towards your Google One storage quota. If you’re worried about using up your storage quota, there are storage management features that let you delete large photos. However, it’s important to note that you can only see media that counts towards your storage quota and doesn’t count under the free storage option.

A powerful search option is also included in Google Photos, which enables users to find photos by name, place, or type. You can even use the search bar to manually tag people, places, or things in a photo. This will help you find a particular photo and sort it according to that person. The search feature also lets you create “live albums” for your photos.

Another notable feature is that it lets users scan physical photo prints, crop out backgrounds, and highlight text. This feature makes Google Photos an extremely powerful tool for users. Another feature that sets it apart from other photo storage services is the ability to share links to favorite photos. This means that your friends can view your favorite photos and easily share them with others.

Aptbyte Store Photo Storage Box

The Aptbyte Store Photo Storage Box is a great option for photo storage. This box contains 18 individual color-coded compartments and provides plenty of storage space. The box has a maximum capacity of 1,260 8×12 photos and is translucent, so you can easily see which compartments contain which photos.

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