How to Get Spotify Podcast Reviews

Having positive Spotify podcast reviews can be a great way to attract new listeners to your show. But it also provides a two-way feedback loop, as a positive review can be a good indicator for a potential new listener as to whether or not they want to check out your show.

Positive reviews help potential new listeners figure out if your show is right for them

Obtaining podcast reviews is not an easy task, especially if you’re a lone wolf. The good news is that you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your hard work in the form of increased downloads and a better relationship with your devoted fans. While there is no such thing as a foolproof way to achieve this goal, there are several best practices to follow.

The best way to go about it is to establish a formal process for getting listener reviews and make sure that you only ask for positive ones. You can also consider employing a third party service to handle the task. The following are the most important things to know before you hit the road:

The most important task is to ensure that you are asking for only the most pertinent reviews. You can do this by establishing a clear hierarchy of priorities and enforcing a strict review-taking policy. This will allow you to keep your ears in the game and keep your audience happy. To do this, you need to have a solid plan in place before you begin recording your next episode. This will also help to ensure that you don’t forget the most important details.

A two-way feedback loop

Providing feedback in the form of ratings is a great way to improve the performance of your podcast. It helps you determine what works and what doesn’t. In addition, ratings can give a clear sense of what to expect when first pressing play.

In addition to ratings, Spotify has a built-in podcast search feature and a personalized recommendation system. These are designed to make it easier to find your favorite shows. They are also meant to help you better support your favorite podcasts.

As with many new features, it’s important to understand what’s involved before you begin. For example, you’ll need to listen to at least 30 seconds of the episode to leave a rating. You can do this by clicking the “Add Rating” button in the three-dot menu beneath the show’s cover art. If you’re not sure where to start, you can try asking friends, or even participating in a review swap.

Another thing to know about the ratings is that the system won’t be available in Russia or Turkey at launch. Those markets are expected to roll out the ratings over the next few days. It’s also possible that the rating system will eventually be rolled out to all markets where podcasts are offered on Spotify.

The five-star rating system is modeled after the one used by Apple Podcasts. The rating system isn’t used for algorithmic recommendations, but it will feed into the company’s recommendations algorithms. In addition to ratings, you can also give individual songs a like.

The Spotify Podcasts app is based on a two-way feedback loop between the creator and the listener. It allows you to leave ratings and comments about your favorite shows, as well as ask questions and get specific feedback via Q&As on the platform. It’s an easy way to build your reputation and engage with other users.

Neil Young’s request to remove his podcast from Spotify

During the last week of April, Neil Young announced he had a gripe with Spotify. After an open letter on his website, Neil asked the streaming service to remove his music library, and he offered an ultimatum.

Several of Young’s songs have accumulated hundreds of millions of streams on the platform. The singer had also complained that the quality of his music was poor. However, Young points out that fans can still listen to his songs through other platforms.

In the letter, Neil Young wrote that he doesn’t appreciate Spotify’s affiliation with Joe Rogan. In addition to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Young has also been bothered by the inaccurate information on the COVID-19 vaccine, which Rogan has promoted through his show.

In the past, Neil Young has spoken out about a number of political issues. He is also a vocal supporter of freedom of speech. In the letter, he calls out unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

The news of Neil Young’s request to remove his music from Spotify was reported by The Wall Street Journal. It was also confirmed by a Spotify spokesperson. Interestingly, Young was not the only musician to make a complaint about the service’s audio quality. Other musicians like Joni Mitchell also removed their songs from the platform.

The letter, published on Neil Young’s website, was an open letter addressed to his record label, Warner Records, and manager. He also posted two other statements on his website. One of the statements is addressed to the label, and the other is addressed to the management.

The music library on Spotify contains over 40 Young albums. He said that the service had 60 percent of his music streaming. The artist said he was “not trying to cancel” Rogan, but he did want to limit the platform’s association with him.


Podchaser is the largest podcast directory in the world. It has over eight million episodes in its database. You can use it to find new podcasts, listen to your favorite shows, and rate and review episodes.

Podchaser also offers a number of tools to help you promote your podcast. They include a podcast directory, episode listings, and a podcast feed. These features can help you grow your audience.

Podchaser offers a search engine that allows you to filter podcasts by category. You can also create lists of your favorite shows. This is a great way to discover new podcasts and get to know your favorite creators. You can also see other users’ ratings and reviews of your favorites. You can follow your favorite podcasts and watch them rise in the Podchaser charts.

Podchaser Pro is a subscription service that adds more detailed information about podcasts. It may provide the same data that you get with Spotify or rate cards. This includes demographics for hundreds of thousands of shows. It also provides a podcast dashboard that can be accessed hourly in 175 countries.

The Podchaser feed is a real-time newsfeed that shows updates and reviews from users. It is customizable and you can even choose your privacy settings. You can also check out your activity feed to see the most recent updates from people you follow.

Podchaser has also partnered with PR companies and universities to make sure their content is being read by professionals in the industry. It is a great way to build authority and attract attention from industry professionals.

Podchaser has been around since 2017. It is a great way to promote your podcast, discover new shows, and get feedback from your fans.


Podkite is a podcast marketing service that helps you get noticed and build your audience. They collect reviews and rankings for your podcasts and send you an email report weekly.

They also offer a feature called Kitelinks. It is an automated and easy-to-use episode link that helps you convert your listeners into subscribers. You can use several Kitelinks per podcast. The tool also provides statistics, such as clicks, clicks per episode, and total clicks. The information can help you compare your marketing channels, and encourage your audience to subscribe.

You can also integrate your podcast with ConvertKit, an email provider that was built for bloggers and podcasters. It also has a targeted ad network. The service starts at $8 a month, and you can try it out for 14 days free of charge.

You can also track your podcast rankings on Google, Apple, and Stitcher. It’s free to set up and it works with your Google account.

Another great tool for tracking podcast rankings is Chartable. It monitors orders on both Google and Apple podcasts, and shows you the global and country-level ranking of your podcast. It offers a 14-day free trial, but the pricing varies depending on how many podcasts you’re tracking. It also includes demographic data from third-party sources.

It is important to ask your listeners to rate and review your podcast. You can do this through a podcast app on iTunes or through a push notification system. Make sure your language is appropriate. Otherwise, you may not reach your target audiences.

Podkite offers a free account, but you can also sign up for a premium subscription. The pricing depends on how many podcasts you want to track, as well as whether you want to create kits and track chart history.

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