How to Get the Most Out of Spotify

Getting the most out of Spotify is important to making your music experience the best it can be. So, here are some tips to help you find and choose the best genres and topics for your listening pleasure.


‘Only You’ is a new personalised feature that allows Spotify users to see their listening habits and explore new features based on the way they listen to music. It is available for free subscribers and Premium customers. You can find it on the home screen or on the search tab.

The Only You experience includes a hub that contains personalized playlists and audio pairings. It also offers a preview of Spotify’s upcoming ‘Blend’ feature. This allows two friends to merge their musical tastes into a single personalized playlist. ‘Blend’ is currently in beta and will be available to all Spotify users in early 2019.

The Only You campaign also includes a series of hero films, showcasing super-fans of different artists. The campaign is focused on showcasing different ways consumers listen to music and the unique characteristics of each user.

The Only You feature allows users to create a ‘Dream Dinner Party’ playlist, with a personalized mix for each guest. It also shows a list of artist pairs and an ‘Audio Birth Chart’. This chart highlights a range of unusual audio pairings and explains the genres of podcasts.

‘Only You’ is available on the iPhone and Android apps. It is rolled out globally on Wednesday. As part of the campaign, you can view your favorite genres and time periods, and see the playlists you listened to in the past year. You can also view your playlist profile icon next to a playlist.

You can also access the ‘Only You’ feature from a shareable experience in the app. You can open it by selecting the genre ‘Only You’ from the Home screen or from the search tab. The Only You hub includes a list of personalized playlists, including a “Dream Dinner Party” and a ‘Song Year’ playlist. It will be updated daily. You can also invite friends to blend.

‘Only You’ is an important new step in Spotify’s mission to deliver a personalised, data-led experience. With more than 356 million users worldwide, Spotify knows that nobody listens like you. It is continually developing new tools to learn more about its audience.

Your Audio Birth Chart

Using the Audio Birth Chart, Spotify can create a personalised mix of artists and genres for you to enjoy. The feature is loosely inspired by astrology and uses your most listened to artist from the last six months as a starting point. This is then paired with your zodiac sign to produce a personalized playlist.

Using the Audio Birth Chart, Spotify can also tell you which emotional states and musical genres are popular with you. It’s a fun and interactive way to explore the relationship between your musical tastes and your personality. You can find out which music pairings are the most interesting to you and which of your favourite artists are rising stars.

The only problem is that it’s not available to everyone. Some users can’t see it in the “Only You” hub and others have reported issues allowing it to show up in the app. It’s unclear whether the feature will be rolled out to all users in the near future.

There are other data visualization features that Spotify has introduced. These include a “birth chart” list of your most listened to artists in the last six months, a Dream Dinner Party, and an interactive astrological chart. While these features are not revolutionary, they do offer a great deal of insight into your listening habits.

The astrological chart is also said to reflect character traits and opportunities. Some users have even shared disappointed memes referencing the feature.

Another interactive feature that’s worth a look is the Only You function. This will break down your listening habits and reveal which genres and years you’ve listened to most. It also notes combinations that set you apart from the crowd. You can also plan a special dinner party with three of your favourite artists.

In addition, Spotify’s “Audio Birth Chart” can help you find the best songs for a summer soundtrack. You can also identify your most emotionally-focused artists. You can also use it to identify your rising and moon signs. This chart shows you which of your favourite artists are rising and which ones are tumbling.

Your Dream Dinner Party

Having the right music playlist can make a good dinner party a memorable one. This is why Spotify recently launched their new feature – the ‘Only You’ campaign. It’s designed to showcase the unique aspects of your listening habits.

Spotify’s ‘Only You’ page contains mixes based on your favorite genres, decades, and musical time periods. This includes the ‘Song Year’ feature, which will show you your top songs from a certain period of time. The ‘Wrapped’ feature will also visualize your listening data. You’ll see artists you love, and the time of day when you listen to them. You can even save your favourites, and share them with your friends.

The ‘Only You’ campaign also shows you the ‘audio birth chart’, which will show you your most listened to artists over the past six months. You’ll also see your ‘Rising artist’ and ‘Moon artist’. These features will update daily, and you’ll get an insight into your unique listening habits.

The ‘Only You’ page also includes a feature called ‘Blends’, which will allow you to mix your favorite tracks with the ones of your friends. This will automatically generate a personalised playlist with your friends. The ‘Blends’ feature is only available on the mobile app, and it’s currently in beta testing.

The ‘Only You’ hub can be opened by selecting the ‘Only You’ tab on the search screen. In the ‘Only You’ page, you’ll also find the ‘Dream Dinner Party’ feature, which is a compilation of tracks from three of your favourite artists. This will also update daily.

The ‘Only You’ feature will also give you a chance to select your own ‘Dream Dinner Party’. This feature allows you to pick your favourite artists, as well as your ‘Moon sign’ and ‘Rising sign’, and then watch Spotify create a personalized blend for you. You’ll then be able to play the blend with your friends.

This is one of the best features that Spotify has to offer, and it’s definitely the new must-have. You’ll be able to listen to your ‘Dream Dinner Party’ playlist on Spotify, and you’ll be able to save it for later.


Earlier this year, Spotify announced its new feature, Blend, which allows two or more friends to merge their musical tastes and create a shared playlist. By adding and sharing their playlist, users can get to know each other’s music taste, learn more about the artists they like, and discover new songs. This feature is available to all users.

When a user creates a Blend, he or she is provided with a “taste match score” based on the music that each friend prefers. This score changes as people like and dislike new songs. It is a low-pressure way to share and listen to music with your friends. This feature also includes a data story which showcases the percentage of similarities in your music tastes.

Once a person has created his or her Blend, they can find it in the mobile app’s search bar. Then, they can tap “Go to your Blend” to access their shared playlist. By default, this playlist will be liked. If a person doesn’t like a song in the playlist, they can try downloading it for offline listening.

Aside from creating a blended playlist, Spotify also offers the option to add a shortcut to your home screen. You can also share your Blend with friends on social networks. You can also view your playlist’s profile icon next to each song. If you wish to hide or remove a song from your Blend, you can do so by tapping the three dot icon at the top of your screen.

Aside from the Blend feature, Spotify has also recently released a new feature called Only You. This new feature analyzes a user’s listening habits and podcast preferences. By combining these information with the music tastes of other users, Spotify generates personalized playlists that are updated daily.

In addition to generating a personalized playlist, Spotify also offers the ability to share and discuss your music with your friends. When a person is blending with a friend, he or she can check the Playlist Radio and discuss which songs they are both listening to.

Aside from sharing music with other users, Spotify’s new feature also includes a community hub. When a user is blending with another user, he or she can access the artist’s profile and the “artist pick” playlist.

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