Tiktok Vs YouTuber Lineup

Despite all of the negatives that are associated with Tiktok, there are still a lot of positive things that can be said about the site. It’s an excellent place to find all types of entertainment, and it’s also one of the best ways to make money. It’s easy to find videos that are not only entertaining, but that also teach you skills that you can use in your job. It’s also a good way to meet new people. And because it’s a free site, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash to get started.

Landon McBroom

During the recent Twitter debates between YouTubers McBroom and Hall, a fight concept has emerged. It involves both YouTubers and TikTokers competing in a series of boxing matches this month. They have the opportunity to earn PS635,000 (a little over $500 thousand) before the first fight. The winning team will be crowned the winners.

The “Battle of the Platforms” is a boxing match featuring six TikTokers and six YouTubers. They will compete in a championship match with 8 bouts. The winner will be crowned the champ. It will be followed by a musical performance. It has been rumored that the winner will be rewarded with a million dollars.

Several other famous personalities have competed in the last few years. These include celebrities such as Logan Paul and KSI, who fought after a long-running war of words. The event has also been dubbed as the “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms”.

The event will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The boxing match will be live streamed via LiveXLive, a live broadcasting company that specializes in live events. It is expected that the event will be shorter than usual. It will last five rounds, each lasting two minutes.

The event has been surrounded by controversy. Some people believe that the winner will be a TikToker. Others think that the event will be more about entertainment than anything else. But no matter which side of the argument you are on, it’s always nice to see a celebrity get their due.

The most important part of the ‘Battle of the Platforms’ is the fact that the competition is between two of the most famous social media celebrities. These celebrities have a combined 19 million subscribers to their respective YouTube channels. These social media stars will compete against each other for a million dollars.

In addition to the battle of the platforms, the night will feature musical performances from artists such as DJ Khaled, Migos, and Trippie Redd. It will also feature five other boxing matches.

Bryce Hall

Earlier this year, a boxing match between YouTube and TikTok stars was organized by LiveXLive. The event was attended by 63,000 people. In fact, the fight was so popular, it was televised on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK. In addition to the main event, a number of fights took place on the night.

One of the biggest draws of the fight was the main event between YouTube’s McBroom and TikTok’s Hall. The two social media stars have been feuding for months. This battle started when McBroom made a $5 million offer to Hall in March. Although the offer was accepted, the pair didn’t get along at a press conference.

In the co-main event, YouTuber AnEsonGib defeated TikToker Tayler Holder. The British fighter showed impressive cardio and didn’t stop until he won the fight. The winner, AnEsonGib, took home a unanimous decision.

In the undercard, YouTubers Landon McBroom and Ryan Johnston defeated TikTokers Ben Azelart and Cale Saurage. During the third round, Hall tried to get back into the fight but was stopped. The fourth round was won by Johnston. The fifth and sixth rounds were won by McBroom and McBroom was the victor in the seventh and eighth rounds.

The main fight between YouTube’s McBroom and TikTok’s hall will take place in Miami on June 12. The event will be televised via LiveXLive and the official poster was released on Thursday. The fight is expected to last five rounds of two minutes each. The undercard will be free to stream. In addition to the main event, fans of the social media stars will be able to watch the events on pay-per-view.

The live musical performances and other events will be available for the fans. In addition to the main event, “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” will feature famous YouTubers and TikTokers. Some of the social media stars involved in the event include DJ Khaled, Migos, and Austin McBroom.

As well as the main fight, there will also be eight other fights on the card. In addition to McBroom and Hall, fans can look forward to fights from DDG, Nate Wyatt, and Danny Duncan. There are also open roster slots, meaning that viewers can choose who they want to fight.

Simon Colbran

Those of us who have followed the recent TikTok feud between Simon Colbran and Ed Matthews will know that the two have had a bit of a beef. But when will these two ‘feuding’ online superstars meet in the ring? This is the question that has arisen from the latest TikTok boxing event.

TikTok users, or ‘TikTokers’, are constantly in the news. They have become a phenomenon, as their content is popular with UK audiences. Many of the most famous TikTokers have their own houses, which allow them to reach a larger audience. These houses are popularized by Los Angeles’ Hype House, as well as Beverley Hills’ Clubhouse.

The ‘beef’ between the two TikTokers began after they clashed during a livestream. They were going back and forth on social media, and when they finally met in person, the feud escalated.

The ‘beef’ was kicked off when a younger man provoked Simon by revealing a sex toy. A little bit later, Simon pushed him. However, the younger man pushed back and slapped him in the face, prompting him to punch his rival.

Both men eventually ended up on the podium at a press conference, where they both faced off. This isn’t the first time that the two have fought each other. In fact, Ed Matthews and Cal the Dragon have been involved in a Twitter war in the past.

The ‘beef’ has even reached the world of boxing, as two former professional football players have traded in their social media platforms for the ring. Those who are interested in watching the bout can purchase it on pay-per-view. It will also be available to stream live on YouTube.

In the meantime, the only way to really settle this online beef is to watch the fight in person. Kingpyn Boxing will host the fight, and there are currently no details of when the event will take place.

The two fighters will be joined by a number of other British social media stars and influencers, including AJ Bunker, Elle Brooke, Astrid Wett, Ginty, Luke Bennett and Paddy Murphy. They will all take to the ring on July 16.


During the month of March, YouTubers will face each other in boxing matches. The event, called Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms, is a global entertainment event featuring A-List music artists and prominent social media stars.

There are six fights scheduled. The first two will be chosen by the audience. Another two fights are reportedly open for public nomination. There are also two “open roster” slots on the poster. LiveXLive, a live streaming platform, is the one hosting the event.

The full lineup includes YouTubers FaZe Jarvis and Michael Le, and TikTokers Taylor Holder and Danny Duncan. The third fight is still being determined, but the two other fights are supposedly up for public nomination. There are still a few other fights, but there is no word on how these people will be chosen.

Aside from the fights, the main event will also feature YouTubers Deji KSI and Vinnie Hacker. The former was the first to lose to Jake Paul, and the latter won his last fight. In his fight against Paul, he showed glimpses of talent. However, he lost the fight in the fifth round.

In the past, YouTubers have faced each other on their social media platforms. But the boxing event is a new twist. Several of the YouTubers and TikTokers will clash in a Miami ring over the course of an evening. The fights are expected to be short, with five rounds contested in two minutes. The event will be streamed on the live music streaming platform, LiveXLive.

The official poster for the event was released on Thursday. The poster lists the two fights and their names. There is also a “you pick” option for two of the fighters, but there are no comments yet from TikTok about how these individuals will be chosen.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity. The event has gotten a lot of attention, and there have been a number of allegations. Some of the TikTokers have gotten into altercations with other TikTokers during the Floyd Mayweather fight.

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